Our Way

Nyimili Hire & Contracting creates value in the world by following ‘The Nyimili Way’, which is a combination of our purpose, kinship and values.

Our Kinship

The Nyimili Hire & Contracting kinship network is composed of the relationships between our employees, shareholders, suppliers, customers and the communities in which we belong, work and live. We can only achieve our purpose with sustainable relationships with our kinship network.

Employees - who bring their passion, ideas, discipline, talents and networks

Suppliers - who support us with critical goods and services

Shareholders - who are invested in a long term vision and do not seek short term gains

Customers - who are committed to the empowerment of Aboriginal people and caring for country.

Communities - who support us because we support them

Our Values

Our values guide how we nurture the relationships in our kinship network, how we make decisions and the kind of behaviour we want to model in our actions.

We All Have Value – Each part of our kinship network has a necessary role to play by bringing their passion, ideas and discipline to empowering Aboriginal people and caring for country.

We Are All Accountable – We are all accountable for our kinship network and take responsibility over our choices, behaviours and actions so that we can continuously improve.

We All Belong – We foster a sense of belonging to each other and all parts of the kinship network by being inclusive, supportive and operating like a family.

We Trust Each Other – We are prepared to sacrifice some of our own self-interest to build the capacity, resilience and value of others in the kinship network. Trust is created by looking after others and having others look after you.